The “New Towne Centre” will serve five purposes:

1) Retail/Business

2) City, County, Community, Social and Medical Services

3) Training and Education

4) Family Entertainment

5) Outreach

The Hickory Ridge Mall Revitalization Project is a plan for hope through restoration and redevelopment evolving from a vision that provides healing for many socioeconomic ills in our community. Corporate and government intervention has long been leading resources, providing much funding and programming across our nation. It presents a comprehensive and integrated approach to stabilize the Hickory Ridge Mall and the surrounding community. The time has truly come for innovative change.

The vision of Apostle Alton R. Williams has been set in motion with great anticipation and excitement. It will be fulfilled for the entire Hickory Hill Community in the spirit of excellence. It is this vision that will begin a mission designed to rebuild and rejuvenate a community, while repositioning it for renewed growth and economic development.

The master plan for the Hickory Ridge Mall Revitalization Project will transform this mega-facility into a community-effective, mixed-use, multipurpose center. It will have a town centre feel, where residents can visit their doctor, watch a wholesome family movie, dine, or enjoy other family entertainment. The facility is being developed to provide retail and a unique mix of services.

This plan will span over the next five or six years, adjusting and adapting to the specific needs of the community, as necessary. It will provide many opportunities for aspiring and established business owners, community leaders, local, state, and federal governments to partner and/or participate in this exciting revitalization project.